Ideas for Business Directory Submission

Submitting a website’s URL to online directory has been a practical SEO method and a well-justified marketing practice since commencement of Internet marketing. Moreover, it has been greatly abused too – mostly by the unsavvy newbies who occasionally consider quantity over quality, as well as strive for fast SEO gains.

Local business directory submission can get you decent traffic flow, increase your ranking, and help you do better in local searches.

So, how can you find apt directories for your forte, and how can you know which directories are valuable?

Look for directory on Google

An easy way to search for directories for local directory submission relevant to your specific business is to look for them on search engine like Google. As a rule, a few of the directories will be free for joining, a few will be paid, and a few might have certain requirements and will add your business automatically after you meet their requirements.

Inspect your competitor backlinks

Another great way to find appropriate local site submit directories that are probable to assist your site rank high and are secure to attain backlinks from, tends to be to analyze backlinks of your main competitors.

It is up to you in how many of your competitors you would like to analyze – the point here is to be capable to rapidly filter the backlinks which aren’t directory links and end up with list of directories.

Know who is exactly who in directory world

When local search is considered, there are a lot of websites each local SEO should concentrate on. However how does data ends up on the local search platforms, deal comparison sites, review sites, etc.?

It is a quite small number of larger directories that give a wide network of venues online with businesses listing data. So, to distribute your business information across a range of location-oriented online properties, it’s sufficient to get listed just in a few key directories and spare yourself need of chasing every smaller directory independently.

Track the effects from listing over time

Once you submit your own business listing with a directory listing service to the directories of your choice, here are some metrics to track in order to let you understand how your listings do.

Even if you probably will not be capable to track SEO effectiveness from every listing, you still can check:

  • Monthly visit per listing
  • Website ranking dynamics after one round of submissions
  • Conversion sales and rates